Hello world!

How many crappy words does it take to form a carefully crafted crappy sentence?  How long will it take me to come up with crap to contribute to this crappy blog?! What kind of crappy name is crappy words.com anyway?

Did I just accidentally type that up? Please disregard all of it, I was just typing crap to myself.

Welcome to  crappywords.com!  I am very much excited you joined me on this site today instead of one of the other 164 million blogs out there.

This is the blog for those classy, hipster internet readers that are looking for something new to read. And this blog is for me. Through this blog, I will toast to the tomfoolery that tickles my thoughts, and write about some crap like this.

Now that all of that has been said, I am already running out of crap to write down. Not to mention thinking of this crap is taking forever.

Maybe if I write two-hundred crappy words a day, this will get easier. Maybe I can filter out all things I hate writing about, or maybe just realize I hate writing in general. Maybe two-hundred days of two-hundred crappy words a day is all I need to figure it out.


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